The Brief

To identify a Head of Strategy for Consumer Products for a leading North African commercial bank.

The Challenge

The job title did not fully reflect the scope and seniority of the role, nor its central importance to our client in achieving their ambitious expansion plans in the North African retail banking market.   The challenge therefore was to understand what the role really meant to the bank, and to position it accordingly with the right candidates.

The Solution

Our relationship-driven approach to search means that understanding our clients, their businesses and their requirements fully is an essential starting point to our work.  Applying this approach, we were able to perceive how important this position was to our client’s future growth, and how much more senior the role was within the organization’s structure than first appearances would suggest.

Armed with this knowledge, we directed the search towards individuals with the necessary seniority and ambition, and shared with them the true scope of the position and the bank’s growth strategy.  The next phase was to demonstrate to the client that candidates of this level of seniority were indeed the most suitable. Our granular understanding of our candidates’ strengths and motivations, coupled with our ability to navigate the successful candidate speedily through the search and the bank’s complex hiring process further exemplifies the added-value of our relationship-driven approach.

 Key Contacts

Mikael Zoghbi
Taru Oksman