The Brief

Senior European Equity Long/Short Portfolio Manager to build a team and run a $1bn portfolio for a global hedge fund.

The challenge

The DNA of the firm was rooted in totally different strategies that made understanding the investment philosophy of a long/short equity manager very complex. We needed to guide the client carefully through both the generalist and sector driven markets, as well as the different investment styles to get them comfortable with making this hire.

The solution

In order to provide a thorough overview of the long/short equity market for each relevant sector and investment style, we systematically mapped out our client’s competitor institutions and presented them with a detailed market map, competitor intelligence and an initial shortlist of highly referenced, but stylistically diametrically opposed portfolio managers whom they met.  This enabled our client to form a clearer picture of the right type of individual for the role.

Armed with this information, we were able to refine our shortlist parameters and reverted with a second shortlist, closely focused on our client’s clarified requirements. By guiding our client through this process, our client was able to identify one candidate who stood out, and with whom we had to work closely to negotiate a compensation structure commensurate with his seniority. A successful placement was made in under 100 days.

Key Contact

Peter Mansell-Jones