The Brief

To find an Executive Director capable of working as an advisor to funds looking to acquire loan portfolios, whilst sufficiently well-connected across Southern European local markets to be able to identify performing and non-performing loan portfolios that companies want to off load from their balance sheet or restructure.

The Challenge

There is a very narrow pool of candidates who have both the analytical credit skills to be able to work as an advisor to the private equity firms during an acquisition of a loan portfolio, and who also have strong enough local contacts to be able to source opportunities effectively.

The Solution

As very few investment banks are market leaders in this field, we had to extend our search beyond the banks and leverage our network across the debt universe to search across the big 4’s global portfolio solutions teams as well as a number of the larger credit funds.  Although a number of potential candidates were identified from these institutions, the successful candidate was drawn from a small credit boutique, and was only identified because our approach went beyond looking in the obvious places.  Consequently, it was due to Riverhouse Partners’ ability to source extensively across the market in different types of institutions, and to think creatively, that a successful placement was made.

Key Contact

Tom Chamberlayne