The Brief

To find a COO for a global investment bank.

The Challenge

The client wanted to identify a non-traditional COO with a particularly strong understanding of front office functions across the securities market, which narrowed the target candidate pool and necessitated a creative approach.

The Solution

To provide the desired result necessitated a fresh perspective and the ability to look and think beyond the existing COOs within our client’s competitor banks. Our client’s remit required the right candidate to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of markets and the ability to transfer that knowledge from the front office to the CEO’s office for a truly transformational approach. Due to our cross-sector and cross-product expertise and our established relationships with senior candidates, we were able to look at solutions from the front office and in the end the successful candidate was identified in a front-office role.

Our success in this search depended on us thoroughly understanding both our candidate and our client.  Knowing our candidate, we correctly anticipated that the candidate would be interested in a completely new and different challenge outside the scope of their current remit. Through knowing our client well, we were able to find the right mindset, outside of the traditional skillset, to fill this brief.

Key Contact

Taru Oksman