Riverhouse Partners works in international partnership with a select group of highly experienced, specialist search firms which share our values and complement our relationships and expertise in and beyond the global financial markets.

By partnering with industry and regional specialists, we offer our clients the benefits of a global, multi-industry search firm with a boutique, consultant led approach. All our joint projects are undertaken in keeping with Riverhouse’s rigorous standards of research-driven thoroughness, knowledge-based accuracy, professionalism, integrity and speed.

Zoghbi Associates

Zoghbi Associates has established a strong reputation in the field of executive search and leadership assessment in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). With over 30 years of experience in the region, and combining local knowledge with international sector expertise, we provide our clients with a highly personalised and professional consultancy service adapted to their particular requirements.

Working in partnership with Zoghbi Associates, Riverhouse Partners draws upon an expansive network which extends beyond financial services within MENA to encompass business leaders, C-suite executives and finance and infrastructure professionals, enhancing the research and scope of mandates we undertake for our clients. Zoghbi Associates’ experience in North Africa also complements Riverhouse Partners’ Sub Saharan Africa investor platform, so that our advice to clients on their African businesses is based on appreciating the continent as a whole.

By bringing together an in-depth understanding of financial investors, and their investment portfolio companies, Riverhouse Partners and Zoghbi Associates are ideally placed to work with a wide range of clients who are active in, or looking to enter, the complex and diverse markets which constitute the MENA region.

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Key Contacts

Taru Oksman
Mikael Zoghbi