The Brief

To identify an individual with the ability to launch and run a new strategy emerging market debt strategy for our client, a European equity long-only asset manager.

The Challenge

As our client had a limited understanding of the emerging market debt universe, the main challenge was to help them understand the market and advise on what type of individual would prove most successful in this environment.  Additionally, we needed to identify a portfolio manager with an excellent track record who would also be able to work with the marketing team to raise capital.

The Solution

By conducting a full market mapping, providing detailed competitor analysis, we enabled our client to make an informed decision with regards the best portfolio management strategy to adopt.  We then identified a short list of relevant candidates who we assessed on specific parameters agreed in advance with our client, and thus evaluated beyond their CV and previous three years’ track record.

Our client was therefore reassured that our reference checking and fundamental analysis of candidates meant they were seeing only the very strongest and most relevant individuals.  This enabled our client to make their key, strategic hiring decision with the fullest possible confidence.

Key Contacts

Tom Chamberlayne
Peter Mansell-Jones