The Brief

To find a CEO for the Moscow business of a global investment bank.

The Challenge

A very narrow and over-broked target pool of “obvious” candidates in the Russian financial services market, most of whom were already known to the client and for various reasons had been discounted.

The Solution

Given the narrow candidate universe among our client’s peers in the Russian market, we set our search parameters much wider to encompass CEO level individuals with the requisite Russian experience and market knowledge but within other industries including professional services, accountancies and law firms. We also extended our search to include individuals who had previously held senior finance and banking roles in Russia, and so knew the market very well, but who had since moved on to other markets.

We were able to look this broadly because, thanks to our 20+ year track record in the Russian market, our network extends to the upper echelons of the Russian business community and allows us privileged access to very senior individuals. As a result we were able to efficiently identify the non-obvious candidates who nevertheless had the skills, seniority and client access required of the CEO position. It was just such an individual who our client, after considering the options we put forward, decided to appoint.

Key Contact

Taru Oksman