The Brief

To assist a blue-chip private equity fund assess acquisition targets and portfolio management planning in Africa, by identifying and interviewing the top performing CFOs in highly regarded large- to medium-size corporations & institutions across seven African countries and six industries.

The Challenge

The main challenge was the scope and scale of research and due diligence required to provide our client with accurate and reliable information on the investment landscape across consumer & retail, FMCG, TMT, financial services, healthcare and educational services.  This necessitated painstaking assessment of the competence and integrity of our sources.

The Solution

Appointing a team with prior Africa search experience, we profiled the most successful CFOs and thoroughly examined their professional integrity as well as commercial experience across mergers, acquisitions, disposal, listing, delisting and building finance functions.  In order to ensure the accuracy of our findings, we also undertook thorough referencing with leading law firms, consultancies and corporate bankers active in the region, taking between five and eight separate references on each of the professionals we profiled.

We were then able to confidently gauge their views on the potential investment landscape and growth strategy within their sectors. Based on the scale of our research and due diligence, we provided our client with a timely and accurate overview of the Africa investment landscape for the countries and industries identified.

Key Contact

Uri Coren