Adrian De Vere Green – Partner

Adrian is a Founder of Riverhouse Solutions, Riverhouse Partners’ financial and strategic advisory partner. He works with advisory firms to find high level strategic solutions for their growth plans, including acquisitions and senior team moves. His client base spans management, strategic and specialist consultancies, financial advisors and operational turnaround specialists.

Prior to forming Riverhouse Solutions, Adrian spent more than 20 years working with clients who have been pioneers in emerging and frontier markets. This experience has ingrained in him a creative and proactive approach to helping clients grow their businesses and explains his tenacious style.

He still maintains a professional interest in emerging markets through Riverhouse Partners. Building on an extensive professional network in many emerging and frontier markets established over many years, Adrian advises banks, funds and advisory firms on how best to position themselves within these often complex and developing markets.
He holds a BA in Business Studies from Brunel University and speaks fluent French and Spanish.